The Swiss Ski Chalet – Julie Caplin

A beautifully written romantic blockbuster that transports you to the ski slopes of Switzerland with its unparalleled descriptions, with just a hint of romance, serendipity and believing in yourself and what will make you happy.

Oops – Mina’s rather public proposal to Simon goes wrong in the most public way and she is asked to take some leave from work, until ‘Smurfgate’ blows over! It leaves her wary with regards to romance, and uncertain of how much she really does love what she had previously deemed to be the perfect job.

Next thing you know, Mina is on her way to Switzerland, to spend some time with her Aunt, sharing a very nice train journey en route with Luke, her new travelling acquaintance.

Mina is planning a relaxing recuperative 2 week holiday in Switzerland, only to bump into Luke, who is also staying in her Aunt’s chalet (which, by the way, doesn’t seem to be particularly ‘little’. Mina then torments herself with a ‘should I shouldn’t I scenario’ with Luke; he almost seems too good to be true and she doesn’t want to get hurt again.

I won’t spoil the ending – whether Mina gets together with Luke, whether she uproots and leaves her less than perfect job – you will have to read #TheLittleSwissSkiChaletnto find out.


Villa of Sun and Secrets by Jennifer Bohnet

A charming, gentle story about love, life, family, secrets – things that were done for a reason many years ago and second chances. Almost a noeud de vipers. This is a thoughtful novel, that I cannot recommend enough. It has been a though provoking process at times as I remember a scandal at that time in my family that I know snippets about, with my family their scandal turned out well, and as the next generation down, I am here to tell the tale. I really love this book – the fact that the Unconventuality mirrors the stories of both my own and other family’s.

Carla’s Mother has died and her marriage to her serial adulterer Husband has broken down. She goes to France to see her estranged Aunt Josette (her Mother’s twin) and ends up moving to Antibe to live in the villa that they own.

Once living in France, Carla realises that there are clearly some hidden family secrets, although when she finds out the truth, she struggles to come to term with it at first.

Her newly divorced status, together with her newly found assertiveness see Carla refusing to give her ex. Meanwhile we are teased with the suggestion of potential romance for both Carla and Tante Josette – with l either the gardener, Joelle or her new friend Bruno in Carla’s case and with either the charismatic Gordon or Mario (her old flame) in Josette’s case.

I won’t spoil the ending for you, but assure you that this is thoroughly worth reading.

One Summer in Monte Carlo – Jennifer Bohnet

Nanette is living in the UK after a terrible car crash in .Monte Carlo, involving her and her ex boyfriend. She us helping out living as a housekeeper / nanny to her friend’s twins. Circumstances end up with her taking the twins to stay with their Father in Monaco, much to Nanette’s chagrin. She has unfinished business in Monaco; she was airlifted home from Monaco and never heard from her fiancé Zac (formula one driver) ever again. Nanette has no memory of the accident and when she meets Zac on her trip with the twins he asks her about her memory of the accident and seems pleased that she had no memory. Mm I wonder whether she really was driving, or whether Zac was trying to protect his F1 career?

Prepare to be whisked away to the glamour of Monte Carlo, interspersed with love interest and criminal goings on, all combined to make a fantastic, albeit intriguing read, not to be missed.

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New Arrivals at Hedgehog Hollow

Jessica Redland

Having read the first book in this series, I was full of anticipation for this second book; it felt a little like meeting much loved friends again. New Arrivals at Hedgehog Hollow did not fail to both deliver and delight, with the perfect mix of love and roma. Vmn

Samantha and Josh seem to be the perfect couple, but both have things on their minds. Josh is being bothered by his ex, Beth and Samantha has the farm and the Grimes cousins on her mind, as well as her Mother

Goodness knows how Sam copes with her Mother. She is, quite simply, vile. Nothing nice ever seems to come out of her mouth and the reader despairs for poor Sam, having to put up with her.

The characters in the book seemed so life-like, I really cared what happened to them and I found myself on tenterhooks every time a hedgehog was rescued; I deeply cared whether it lived or died. I can only hope that I do not have too long to wait, until the third instalment of this story makes it to the shelves!

Lost in Translation

‘Is snot vegan’? One of the many questions interwoven into this story, along with wondering if Charlotte’s Husband is being faithful, and whether or not he had an ulterior motive in moving the family to Switzerland.

This story is original and it feels as though the author brings the characters to life. Importantly for me, the characters are infinitely likeable. This book offers a kaleidoscope of questions and emotions, exploring themes of family, trust and relationships. In all, a stonking good read!

Charlotte has reluctantly moved to Switzerland with her Husband Dom and two young Sons. She definitely seems unhappy with the move, but we are not sure why so first. She certainly seems unsure as to how faithful her Husband is / has been and is not happy to discover Amelie in the Swiss office.

For Dom and the boys the move seems to be an epic adventure, but Dom doesn’t seem to appreciate how hard the move is on her. Gradually Charlotte starts to settle into her new abode, with the help of her new school mum friends – and then she is introduced to the arrogant Jürgen, with whom she had a driving altercation with when she first came to Switzerland. She finds him rude and arrogant. Cue latent sexual tension? Charlotte initially seems to have perfected the art of looking uninterested in Jürgen on the exterior, whilst internally being very interested in him, verging on obsessed.

Dom. Is he a cheating Husband or merely a pretty hopeless one? That’s the million dollar question, which you will need to read the book to find out.

The Lake House by Christie Barlow

I have read all of Christie’s books and they have unanimously enthralled me. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone, owing to the fact that I just know it will be a great read.

Having finished the book, I can confirm that Christie Barlow did not fail to deliver, interweaving a village and characters that we already know and love, with equally lovable new characters, and an unputdownable new story.

The main character in the book, Ella, has the most awful start in the book, when her doctor boyfriend fails to come home one night, and it turns out that he was a scammer who has both fleeced her bank account and run up a huge credit card bill in her name. 6 months later sees her going to stay with a friend in the nurturing epicentre that is the Scottish village of Heartcross, a place that will be familiar to Christie Barlow Novel aficionados.

Roman, the main male interest in the book seems to have it all – handsome, single, altogether nice, but he has secrets – a Daughter that we have hints of, but no sign of a wife or partner?

Roman and Ella end up thrown together, organising an event to revive the fortunes of the ailing Lakehouse restaurant. the night promises it all; glamour, music and sophistication abound, but what about love?

I am not going to spoil the ending, just urge you to buy the book and read it for yourself.