Just for the Summer – Fay Keenan

I immediately empathised with Kate; she came across as totally lovely and I couldn’t understand why her Husband had ever left her for another woman. She also seemed the perfect Mum; how I felt for her, when she discovered her Husband was taking their boys to Florida with his new woman – a holiday that Kate had longed for when they were together.

Kate ends up ‘between homes’, staying at her Brother’s place and decorating it; she was thinking of setting her own business as a decorator. Life seems pretty grim for her. She needs to find a house to live in, and everyone else seems to be away on holiday.

The arrival of Harry the bookseller seemed like manna from heaven – although Kate’s first interaction with him doesn’t go that well! Indeed Willowbury doesn’t seem short of eligible men, with coffee shop Jack available too!

The inter-sibling teasing was portrayed very realistically Corey also came across very well, as did Kate’s in laws. The night the baby was born was terrible and seemed all too real; fantastic writing.

When we discovered that the third house in the terrace alongside the Brothers was empty, I was desperate for Kate to move in and stay in the same town as her Brothers, and to keep on seeing Henry. That would make the perfect outcome for me.

To purchase this book for yourself, just use this link: https://amzn.to/33hwblu


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