Day 7 -Thursday

The Beeb informs me that it’s International Toilet Day today. Perhaps they should do something about the loos in China so that you can flush paper down the loo and so that hotel rooms don’t smell of drains!

S was at Chinese lessons this morning so I took some time out for some R & R; some Chinese reflexology at a spa near the tube station that I fondly refer to as ‘dingy shithole’.

I gave this salon a miss, not wanting to be made into an angle.


I’m no angle
The spa was lovely. I had to change into some kind of cotton PJ bottoms and soaked my feet while I had a bit of a neck and shoulder massage. This was followed by a foot and lower leg scrub. Then lower legs plastered in some kind of cream and wrapped in cling film, while I had the reflexology. It was mostly nice although I did start getting abdo pains at times- tweaking the crocodile’s tail I suspect!

Legs then unwrapped and feet and legs massaged with steaming hot towels. A very pleasant 100 minutes.

By the time I came out, the weather and become markedly colder and more drizzly. I met S at the tube and took her along to the cat cafe, Meow, from the other day – I had promised her.

When we came out the weather was even more drizzly and cold and quite frankly horrible! We popped across the road to the mall and S had a bite to eat. I considered buying a really nice funky umbrella but it was a designer type mall and I was not about to part with over £80 for a brolly! Who on earth buys this stuff!?

The loos in this mall were amazing! Heated seats, self cleaning, self flushing, although still no loo roll! How can the same people that use these be satisfied with all of these dodgy looking squat jobs?

It’s all high tech here – even the doors are self repairing.

High tech stuff

These shop pictures are for Steph – she’ll get it!

 Heavy snow is forecast tonight, but I am planning on going to the zoo tomorrow. I then have e Temple of Heaven to do and then perhaps the pearl market again to stock up on cables and power banks and the like.

The forecast isn’t at all great over the next few days and by Monday the predicted temperature range is between -12 and -4!

I have been hunting for reasonably priced gloves this evening. I am surrounded by malls full of hats and scarves, but no gloves – apart from leather ones, which aren’t a great deal good in the wet!  I did find one of the mall ice rinks though!

Shame they were playing the first 2 lines of Twinkle Twinkle on repeat!

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