Day 10 – Sunday

Well, my last day here. I woke up to snow on the ground.i decided to plough on ahead with my plans regardless and trotted off the Temple of Heaven. I am doing very well on my Unesco World Heritage Sights this week!

From the window first thing



The Temple of Heaven is surrounded by vast parkland. It was really very pretty but absolutely freezing cold and very treacherous underfoot. I climbed up a couple of flights of stairs to get to various buildings, in the hope that I might be able to go inside them to warm u a bit, but to no avail!


I just ended up rising life and limb coming down the steps again; no hand rails of course! I will count today as a good day if I don’t end up going A over T in the snow and ice! I am always a bit paranoid about slippery surfaces, perhaps worrying that I could break a rod in my back or something daft! It would be such a shame to break a limb on my last day here!

The parkland was full of clusters of random people doing random things; singing, dancing and playing a game that looked quite fun – a bit like kicking a shuttlecock around! I Bing’d it (no Google here!) and it is actually called Kick Shuttlecock!


Random dancing
Put some clothes on mate!

After a couple of hours of not being able to feel my fingers or toes I decided that enough was enough and retired back to the Pearl Market and Starbucks for a warm up! Did a tiny bit more shopping. The price of the cashmere Burberry scarves goes down every time I buy one😃

It is 3.30pm and it is still snowing quite heavily so I have decided against going to the Summer Palace. It seemed a bit mad to go because it is a 45 minute tube ride away, it is further north, where the snow is worse, and I was freezing cold here!

Instead I am going to have another wander around the malls and the supermarket – see what bizarre treats I can buy that I will be allowed to take home! I have discovered that I can actually get quite far without going outside, because I can go from The 5th floor of my hotel, directly into the New World Mall and then I can use the underpass from that mall to go to the mall opposite.


Cant see me wearing this!

Just got back from an evening with Sian’s Chinese family, and now have repack with their kind gifts.


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