Homeward Bound

Well I’m on my way home – eventually!

I checked in and it took me ages because I was getting the third degree over the number of bags I had. I explained that BA had said I could have an extra bag in the hold flying out, but not coming back. I had therefore taken my feed over in a small case and was bringing it back in the cabin. 

The hand bag that I had taken on the way out was in that case. I therefore had the bag with my feed running, a bag with my liquid supplies for the journey, the small case and a small handbag. This was exactly the same number of items as I had taken out with me. I showed them the email from BA saying that my feed supplies for the journey wouldn’t count as my cabin baggage, but they weren’t accepting this. 

Eventually they agreed to put my little case in the hold again, which suited me, but I must write to BA and talk to them about consistency of approach!

Security Beijing side was fun! At one point I felt as though I was being undressed in full view of the whole airport.

I can’t go through the metal detectors, so I always expect a frisking.

Anyway, I was stood there, arms aloft getting a patting down. Suddenly I had one person patting me down, one had lifted my shirt and was poking my stoma (I shudder to think where her hands might have been) and two other security guards had their hands down my jeans, poking my various bits of metalwork! 

At this point I was feeling rather violated and had they spoken English, I would have asked to be taken somewhere more private! There was lots of head shaking and ‘nos’ and I was starting to seriously think that they might not let me fly!

At this point I was wondering who would be best to ring if I had a problem – S’s Chinese family or the Embassy! How does one ring ‘The Embassy’?

After what seemed like an age one of the security staff took my passport and gesticulated for me to follow her! 

I stood by another security desk for what seemed like an age while people babbled about me and swabbed all my possessions. Another British lady was getting the third degree over the little torch on her keyring😃

Eventually they just told me that I was fine and I could fly.  Phew! I went straight through to my gate and only had 20 minutes to spare before boarding! Good job I got there early!

I think this plane hapd also landed on the Mongolian border as we had a long bus journey to board; they really don’t do health and safety In Beijing, but I  wasn’t expecting an icy concourse and icy steps up to the plane!

The flight was uneventful and luckily I had three seats to muself, so I could spread out. The couple in front of me were extremely irritating. Of course the first thing they did was recline their seats back. This always makes me feel awkward as I feel that it greatly encroaches on my space, to an extent that I feel that I can’t possibly do that to the person behind me!

Anyway, their irritating habits:

  • Constant reclined seats (and they had extra room anyway as they were at the front)
  • Frequent inappropriately noisy/slurpy snogging!
  • Constant eating and drinking
  1. Airline meals
  2. Crisps
  3. Nuts
  4. Pot noodles
  5. Sandwiches

The crew must have been getting heartily sick of them constantly upping and downing, asking for stuff!

Oh and the piece de resistance – the woman kept on stretching her arm over the back of her seat and letting her hand drape over my TV screen!  As you can imagine I was finding this heartily irritating and I was almost tempted to ask for a tray of food, just in order to get a defensive fork! In the end I settled for putting my arm across the top of my screen every time she started to stretch, so that when her hand crept over it jet mine and she quickly retreated! Far simpler than just asking her not to do it of course😃

A long but uneventful flight, although once we had landed I was in need of a Cosra before driving home!

On I forgot to tell you, on the way to the airport I saw my first glimpse of blue sky in 10 days! 



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