Under the Italian Sun – Sue Moorcroft

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An intriguing story, set in the most beautiful location. The language is such that you can almost smell and touch the surroundings, as if you’d been transported to Italy yourself. I felt instant chemistry between Piero and Zia, and just hoped that they didn’t turn out to be long lost cousins! I felt so intrigued by the unanswered questions in Zia’s life, that I found myself rooting for her to find out all she needed to know. The start of the book made me genuinely care about Zia and her solving the jigsaw that is her life.

Zia is endeavouring to become an Italian citizen and finds herself searching through old papers belonging to her late Mother. She is mystified to find the birth and death certificates of a woman with the same name as her mother. She searches through the papers with her good friend Ursula. The letters also make mention of a woman called Lucia Costa and Zia’s Mother driving to Italy to fetch Zia from her. Zia is curious about her Mother’s connection to Lucia Costa is and wonders whether Lucia would be able to explain about the mysterious young woman who had the same name as Zia’s Mother. It seems that Lucia could be the only person still alive, to provide any answers.

Fast forward and with no answers to any mystery, the action moves to Italy, with Zia and Ursula renting the mysterious Lucia Costa’s holiday villa. Lucia’s home is on land adjacent to a vineyard and its estate. Piero, the Son of the vineyard owner is under pressure from his Father and his Father’s girlfriend, to sell his share of the vineyard. Piero is conscious that if his family sell their estate, Lucia and her Husband will be forced to sell their home and holiday homes too, due to access issues. Zia has some knowledge of property law, and thinks Lucia, her Husband Durante, and Piero are being misinformed. The question is whether this is an innocent mistake, or whether there are underhand dealings going on? Salvatore’s (Piero’s Father) Girlfriend certainly isn’t helping matters, as she clearly wants the whole family to sell up – but is that out of innocent concern for Salvatore or does she have some kind of ulterior motive? Zia is happy to help with the legal issues but seems less keen to come straight out and ask Lucia about her past and in particular any dealings she may have had with Zia’s Mother.

Ursula has her own concerns – alternating between worrying about her fragile relationship with her Husband, and fretting about Zia seeming a bit too much at home in Italy. The last thing she wants us to lose her Husband over a misunderstanding, and her best friend to another country.

Lucia’s reaction when she catches sight of a copy of Zia’s passport, makes it seem pretty clear that they do have some kind of past connection, but it wouldn’t be fair for me to spill the beans on the nature of that connection, although it would be fair to say that I shared Zia’s joy at the thought there was some kind of history between them.

It’s fair to say that the truth about Lucia and Zia’s history does come to the fore, but I won’t give to many spoilers about it. It is also true that mystery abounds in this book. The characters almost seem to almost take on the beauty of their location, if that’s possible! Read for yourself and you will find out the answers to so many questions; will the vineyard and it’s properties be sold? Will Piero and Lucia be able to overcome legal hurdles and remain in their homes without having to sell? Will there be more than a hint of romance between Piero and Zia? Is Harry still alive and what light can he throw on Zia’s early years? Will any progress be made in either Ursula or Zia’s love life at home?

Regardless of all the mystery, this book is worth reading for the spectacular descriptions of the countryside. If you have never been to Italy, this book will make you want to visit, in the hope of replicating some of the beauty and joy within the pages of this book.


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