Things Are Looking Up – Maxine Morrey

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Milly gets thrown under the bus both physically and metaphorically, when she gets run over by an actual bus and comes out of a coma to discover her ex has arrived to visit her; the ex that she discovers has been keeping in contact with all her family, since he became her ex!

The author creates quite a shocking, but I fear realistic scenario as Milly tries to get back into work, when it appears that having been in a coma is not a sufficient excuse for not delivering on the work front. To add to Milly’s misfortune, her flat mate visits her in hospital, just to evict her! As things are portrayed, they certainly need to start looking up for Milly.

The only things that seem to be going well for Milly in this book are her Family and Friends. Jed in particular, her ex, is incredibly supportive; the sort of friend everyone would like to have in their lives, and he made me feel happy, let alone Milly!

In Jed, the author has created such a likeable character; a good looking, wealthy man, oozing with kindness. I felt desperate for Milly to let him back into her life, but she seemed to want to push him away, almost as though she’d didn’t feel worthy of his love.

I perhaps read more into the prose than intended, but when Milly had the cast removed from her broken arm, it was as though she changed, as if the removal of the cast was a kind of metaphor for her removing her old self – she certainly seemed to change, and most definitely for the better!

Milly joked about having to be hit by a bus to see where her life was going wrong; I loved the way the author was empowering Milly in this way, to change her life for the better. Of course no one wants to be hit by a bus, but as a reader I felt as though I was given food for thought about my own life choices, and that the text was far deeper than one might originally have thought. It was as though Milly’s life was thrown into disarray by the accident, as a sign that she deserved a better life than the one she was living.

I found myself becoming entirely invested in Milly’s future and her desire to be a better person. I loved her relationship with Hector the dog but loved the way the author wrote about her friendship with Jed even more. I felt that the author handled the relationship very sensitively, whilst leaving the reader on tenterhooks for the optimum outcome.

Please read this book for yourself, so you can see how Milly became a better person, less reliant on mobile devices, but as to any hints of romance – I’m not going to spoil things for you, apart from to confirm that Milly loved Hector very much.

This author did something fairly incredible, in creating such a likeable, endearing story, from such a potentially tragic beginning, with the accident. As much as I enjoyed this novel, I felt that there was still more story to tell, beyond the surprise epilogue, and it would be very good news indeed if this book turned out the be the first in a series about Milly and her Friends and Family.


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