A Taste of Home – Heidi Swain

A wonderful story about love and family members finding each other. The descriptive language is so perfect, I could practically taste freshly picked strawberries as I read. This book is the perfect read to take you out of lockdown and into spring, and I defy you not to want to devour it in one sitting. Heidi Swain has a gift for the written word and I just can’t wait until the next book, wondering if we will revisit former characters, or meet new ones.

Floss is devastated by her Mother’s precipitous death. She has left her a legacy though, in the form of a letter, telling her about her own Norfolk fruit farm roots. Her last wish was for Fliss to leave the Puglian farm that she calls home, to go and visit her Grandparents on their farm.

Fliss’s Grandmother had unfortunately passed away, but her Grandfather acceptance her with open arms. Fliss is full of ideas to get the farm trading and making money again. Romantic interest abound, in the firm of the mysterious Anthony and with Eliot, her Grandfather’s carer.

There is however something not quite right about Anthony though, and he has nothing good to say about Eliot and his family. The outcome though – you will have to read for yourself to find out.


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