It Started With a Kiss – Lisa Hobman

I love Lisa Hobman’s books and have no reason to think that this one will be any different, so I am looking forward to reading this book with great anticipation.

I warmed to Fin immediately, but felt sad for him – the way his parents had taken charge of his life. it just goes to show that having money spent on you doesn’t guarantee happiness. I further felt for Finn when his Father press-ganged him into setting a wedding date with his fiancee, whilst lying in his hospital bed after a mild heart attack.

I admired Star from when I first ’met’ her. I liked the way that she followed her heart and did what she wanted to do. She was lucky that her family stood by her, whatever she decided; the exact opposite to the way that Finn’s family behaved. I really did find it impossible to bear – the fact that when Fin was jilted at the altar, all his family could do was blame him! Conversely, surely a sign of what a good person he was, Finn was more than ready to forgive Elise, his intended and indeed to give his blessing to her new relationship. My only thought outstanding was to why Elise had let the wedding plans get so far!

My main thoughts when Star and Fin meet up again after the nom wedding, are of relief. There had clearly been chemistry between them, when Fin used to buy coffee from her every morning before work. Now the pair gave met up again, there is hope for a friendship at the very least, but hopefully for more than that.

Fate did seem to an extent to be playing a hand in any hope of a relationship between Star and Fin, and not in a good way, so I found myself so hoping that the tides of fate would turn in a more positive direction for them both.

I was thrilled when the two heroes of the book seemed to get it together and I loved how their relationship developed – how it kind of blossomed and matured, like a fine wine. I enjoyed how Star loved anything Scottish and I could but concur with her on liking the Scots accent; I found myself continuously imagining a Scot talking about ’The dog’s danglies’, once I had seen it in print once!

It seemed ironic – not only were Star and Fin complete opposites, but there parents were complete opposites too. Star’s liberal, loving parents could not be further from Fin’s selfish, egotistical parents. I would almost go as far (in my non professional opinion!) of accusing Fin’s Father of being mentally ill! Imagine – causing a ruckus at Fin’s new office, when his own Father had in actual fact sacked him from the family law firm!

Alec was the most amazing, protective friend of Star; I liked the way that Star’s happiness and wellbeing was at the forefront of his thoughts. We all deserve an Alec in our lives.

This book had me gripped from start to finish; I really loved it, although I was sad in parts.

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